Driving Tips From NASCAR Driver Darrell Wallace, Jr.

Pioneer Hi-Bred 250-Practice
Credit: Getty Images for NASCAR

He’s not quite the Tiger Woods of racing (yet), but 19-year-old Darrell Wallace, Jr. is only the fourth African-American to compete professionally in NASCAR, and the youngest to be named Rookie of the Year. He’s also the first to win a pole position by driving the fastest in a qualifying lap.

Over a BBQ lunch before the Daytona 500, Darrell shared some of the pet peeves that drive him to road rage. In other words, here’s how to NOT drive like an assh**e.

1. Keep Up With The Damn Speed Limit

“I actually don’t like speeding on the highway–I hate paying tickets. But what aggravates me is people who go under the speed limit. I just want to punch them. At least go the speed limit! People who drive 40 in a 45…it’s ridiculous.”

2. Stay In Your Damn Lane

“People will swerve in front of you really fast, really close–I know they’re not going to hit me, but I also know the limits because I drive a race car. They’re just trying to fly through.”

3. Get Off Your Damn Phone

“The drivers who make mistakes like pulling out in the middle of an intersection at a red light, they’re talking on their phones. Pay attention! Talking hands free, you’re still distracted. It’s a little different when we talk on the radio going 200 mph, but I’m really quick with words. If [the pit crew] ask me how the car feels, I just say ‘good.'”

4. Use Your Damn Blinker

“You’re trying to turn out–waiting, waiting, waiting–and suddenly they turn. I do it a lot, but I try not to do it.”

5. Turn On Your Damn Headlights

“I don’t know how they can’t see it [at night], but I’ll roll down my window and yell at them. They’ll look at me crazy.”

Bonus (Former?) Pet Peeve:

“Women drivers…but [thanks to Danica] that’s pretty much thrown out the window.”

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