Today’s Dumbass: One Direction Fan Nails Harry Styles In Nuts

On one hand, it’s funny to watch Harry Styles take a shoe to the crotch. Not because he’s in One Direction, just because nut-shots are funny. On the other hand, what kind of dumbass pays for an expensive concert ticket, inside the range of projectiles making it onstage, and spends all that time in line just to throw a shoe at the object of her affection?

Jade Anderson is her name, according to MTV News, and she’s a local East Kilbride teenager. “I just wanted him to touch something belonging to me. I didn’t mean to hit him where I hit him. I’m really embarrassed,” she told a local radio show, according to The Daily Record.

Ladies, there are much better ways to show you like a guy than chucking your kicks at him. Throw your bra, your underwear, your phone number, hell, even your shirt, pants and wallet, but not shoes. Those hurt.

Security almost escorted out of Ms. Anderson out of the show, as right they should’ve, but the band stepped in. They let her stay for the remainder of the show, and even gave her shoes back. That’s nice of them…kinda weak, but nice.

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