Are We In Danger Of Losing Internet Pornography?

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Between mobile devices and high speed Internet, we are living in the Golden Age of Internet pornography. But, what if it all came to a premature end? As unfortunate as it sounds, governments around the world are enacting legislation that could stop Internet pornography and start a global spank bank famine.

Iceland Examines Porn Ban

Pornography has always been illegal in Iceland, however, it has been undefined and seemingly unenforced…UNTIL NOW. Cold-hearted government insiders are looking to limit or ban Internet pornography and have already succeeded in banning strip clubs. Without stripping and porn, girls will have to come up with new creative ways to punish their step-dads.

Australia, Not As Cool As It May Seem

Trying to watching girls go down on each other “down under?” There is a complex rating system for Internet pornography in Australia in order to limit pornography and access. If they already have a regulating system in place, who knows how long it is before you won’t be able to look at chicks’ bloomin’ onions on-line.

Even America Could Be Affected

When founding father Patrick Henry said, “Give Me Liberty Or Give Me Death,” he wasn’t referring to the freedom of watching two naked chicks at the same time without paying for it. However, legislation like the PROTECT IP Act would give the government more power to enforce copyright laws online, and yes, somehow pornography is considered intellectual property.

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Sean Green is a standup comedian and podcast host living in Los Angeles