And MTV’s Comedic Genius Award Goes To… Will Ferrell

will ferrell

There will be plenty of reasons to watch the 2013 MTV Movie Awards on Sunday, April 14, but here’s a big one: Will Ferrell is gonna receive the first-ever Comedic Genius Award. From “Saturday Night Live” to “Anchorman,” the dude’s been entertaining us for years, so he richly deserves the honor. His comedic chops are nothing short of genius.

For the full list of this year’s nominations, check out the “2013 MTV Movie Awards Nominations Spectacular” on Tuesday, March 5. Host Rebel Wilson will announce the Movie of the Year nominees on MTV at 7:58 p.m. EST, and then will head online to for the “Best Kiss,” “Best Fight” and “Best Shirtless Performance” candidates. You’ll be able to cast your votes at

(If write-in ballots were possible, we’d just pick Will Ferrell for everything… especially “Best Shirtless Performance.” He has dozens of them.)

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