5 Predictions Of Nerdy Things That Will Become Cool

Premiere of Screen Media Film's "Trailer Park Boys: The Movie" - Arrivals
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Liking comic books and video games are no longer interests that alienate you from the mainstream. “The Avengers” was the top grossing film of 2012, and the announcement of the PS4 received worldwide attention. Even NBA players are wearing fake glasses that make them look like members of Weezer. Because being a comic book or video game nerd has become such a cultural trend, it’s only a matter of time before other types of nerds become just as popular.

Model Trains

Enthusiasts Enjoy The London Model Engineering Exhibition
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Soon those lonely men and women (mostly men) who spend time in their basement building model trains will be the envy of us all. Eventually, you’ll see a gorgeous woman interrupt two guys at a bar and say, “Were you just talking about the old Amtrack Number 7 Crescent Train Line? That’s what I was for Halloween last year!” Then Christopher Nolan will direct a remake of “The Polar Express” that tells the back story of the conductor.

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Civil War Reenactments

A Journey Through Hallowed Ground
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Start learning about different kinds of muskets now you so you don’t seem like a phony when this takes off. Get ready to see a Hollywood starlet fake embarrassment as she admits to missing her prom because she had to get ready to play a Union soldier’s wife in a reenactment. It will just be to drum up publicity for the latest blockbuster Civil War romantic comedy that she’s in. But once that happens, it will be too late to jump on board.

Huge, Creepy Reptiles

Download Festival - Day 2
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Currently, having a snake or a large lizard for a pet means you’re desperately seeking attention or like pets that are incapable of feeling love towards their owners. Start learning about some of the rarer reptiles. You don’t want to try to fit in by saying that you’re into corn snakes. That would be like entering a conversation about music by saying that your favorite band is The Beatles.


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Live Action Role Playing was already heavily featured in the movie “Role Models,” so this is already under way. This doesn’t seem to be too far removed from liking superheroes. You have to fight villains, and wear silly costumes. Soon enough Scarlett Johansson will play a sexy but misunderstood LARPer in an Oscar-winning drama.

Stamp Collections

One Of The Most Sought After Stamps In The World Of Philately The 1854 Inverted Head Four Annas Of India Goes Up For Auction
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With the U.S. Post Office going out of business, stamp collecting is ready to blow up. Stamps and mail are so unpopular that even the Federal government can’t handle the loss in profits. Once something’s that unpopular, it’s the perfect time to claim you’ve “always been into stamps.” With that kind of credibility, every girl will want to go pack to your place and see that stamp collection.

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