Quiz: Are You A Facebook Creep?

FB Creep
Credit: RonTech2000/Getty Images

Some guys tend to get Facebook confused with Match.com. Sure, you can sign up for the “Bang With Friends” app, but most girls aren’t looking for that kind of friend request. What you think is flirting can actually make you look like a total creepazoid online. Here’s some simple questions to figure out if you’re that dude…

1. Have you poked someone? Like, ever?


2. Have you commented “I’d hit that” if you’ve never met her?

Hit That Stranger

3. Have you commented “I’d hit that” if you have met her?

Hit That Coworker

4. Are you friending her friends just to get access to more photos?

Friends of Friends

5. Do you “like” everything she posts, including when she “liked” Tide?


6. Have you sent an inbox message to a girl you don’t know?

InBox Message

7. Have you liked/commented on her baby picture?

Baby Pic
Credit: Rune Johansen/Getty Images

8. Have you commented on a photo that’s over three years old?

Old Photo Like

(You really dug deep into her profile to find this, huh?)

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, time to take it down a notch on Facebook…before you creep your way onto every female’s blocked list.

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Kara Klenk (@karaklenk) is an NYC comedian.