10 Nuggets Of Fatherly Advice From Wiz Khalifa Lyrics

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With Wiz Khalifa‘s first son, Sebastian “The Bash” Taylor Thomaz, born on February 22, the question of Khalifa, globetrotting rapper and weed aficionado, and his parenting skills is already taking center stage. While the rapper does not always make the best choices, he does have a persistence, confidence and attitude that match the personalities of other highly successful people. Relying heavily on the idea of a lifetime “grind” toward success and the need to mix work and pleasure, almost all of Khalifa’s songs hide fundamental life lessons in between odes to women, alcohol and the ever-present herb. Here are Wiz Khalifa’s top 10 nuggets of fatherly advice, selected by Rap Genius.

10. “Weekend

Stay up til’ the sun rise then we sleep in/
Hard work got my bank account peakin’

Repeating the rapper’s common advice to relax as much as you work, Wiz promises that hard work will deliver very real benefits. While Khalifa’s son, sporting his father’s multimillion fortune, probably will have to work less than most, he will still need to match committed effort and hard chillin’ to see a full life. Even the super rich have to clock in a few hours to see a payoff.

9. “Dev’s Theme (Feat. Snoop Dogg)

There’s gonna be haters outside, I’m just tryin’ to take my shine/
And that ain’t part of the plan

No matter what Bash decides to do for a living, he will face the foolish enemy of progress, the hater. Critics love to bring down the people most likely to succeed, making a wealthy rapper’s son a guaranteed target. Everyone can agree: Bash can only reach his dreams when he learns to tune out the criticism and hatred and focus exclusively on his team, his work and his goals. He will get to his shine, but keeping his eyes on the prize and away from haters is the only plan that works.

8. “Star Power

And nothing come easy, you gotta grind ’til you get it

If Bash is not allowed to skate by on money alone, he will quickly learn that hard work alone produces success. Wiz took a dream of becoming a rap star, faced the struggles and work, and now sits among the stars; the burden is on Sebastian to do even better.

7. “Work Hard, Play Hard

Go hard/
Make sure you do whatever it is that you gotta do, that’s your job

The best advice is simple: if you want to get better at anything, do it. If Wiz’s son wants to be anything, he will need to treat the path to success like a part of himself. Once you realize that your goals are not dreams, but endpoints, you can plot the course and work toward them like a career. Of course, Sebastian will be plagued by association to his father, but Wiz’s values should keep the younger Thomaz in line.

6. “Wassup

And try to make a name/
And when you’re done giving your all, you give your everything/
You got what it takes

If Khalifa wants to really inspire his son, “Wassup” is the first place to look for help. An a cappella story of Wiz’s path from nothing to riches and struggle with motivation, the track is a rapper’s self-help guide. When Sebastian decides to reach for his dreams, he will need to give 110%, reaching deeply inside of himself to work harder than anyone else. Like Wiz, who produced a relatively insane volume of music over a very short time, Bash’s efforts will require a legendary work ethic.

5. “I’m a Star

Don’t act like you know, I know just who you are
Admit it or you don’t, ’cause baby, I’m a star

A cocky, self-assured line seems like bad parenting advice, but a key part of Sebastian’s future success is self-confidence. Instead of spending time worrying about people’s perceptions of his hair, fashion choices or family, Wiz focuses on and acts like what he wants to be.

4. “Proceed

If you offer me all the money in the world
I wouldn’t trade it for my girl, my family

Never say that Wiz is without his morals: when the worst comes knocking, Khalifa holds onto his family and friends before his wealth.

3. “Medicated

Told me if you tryin’ to make your move you gotta know your lane, homie
All you got your name and your words will never break

Interesting, most of Wiz’s best advice hides in his anthems to weed. Here, Wiz recounts a lesson he learned early on, to always focus on your own path and rely on the value of your name and honor. For his son, this is a significant point: people will judge Sebastian by his namesake alone, rarely giving him the opportunity to live his own life. Instead of dwelling on the outsiders, Bash should learn to drive to his goals and trust that his character will eventually prevail.

2. “Young, Wild, and Free (Feat. Snoop Dogg)

So what we get drunk, so what we smoke weed/
We’re just having fun, we don’t care who sees/
So what we go out, that’s how its supposed to be/
Living young and wild and free

Part of Wiz’s “work hard, play hard” attitude is a realization that fun has to be part of any effort to succeed. While Sebastian still has 21 years ahead of him before he can drink (we’ll assume that marijuana will be legal by 2034), life is too short to never smell the roses. Effort is important for any grind, but without an outlet, stress and exhaustion take their toll.

1. “The Kid Frankie

I live life sucka’ free

The most Wiz Khalifa-esque line is also the best advice that Wizzle can offer his son: keep it real. By removing haters, suckers, fake friends and unnecessary concerns from life, Sebastian can grow up to be happy, successful and morally balanced. The negativity only serves to bring him down, ruining an otherwise clean path to fame.

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