Sneak Peek Video: Nerds, It’s Hip To Be Square


Once upon a time, it was easy to differentiate nerds from the popular crowd. They were the bespectacled outsiders who spent their time tapping keyboards rather than tapping kegs or tapping asses. No one “tried” to be a nerd. It wasn’t a fashion choice. Some guys were simply predestined by nature to be too intelligent for their own good and insufficiently sociable.

However, somewhere in the last five years, being a nerd became cool. Kevin Durant, one of the best three basketball players in the world, wears dorky glasses and carries a backpack to press conferences like he’s just stopping by on his way to math club. The cast of “Guy Code,” some of whom are legitimate old-school nerds, discuss this trend in tomorrow night’s new episode and we have a sneak peek here:

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