The Most Epic Facial Hair At Daytona 500 [Photos]


We spent the weekend at the Daytona 500, NASCAR’s Super Bowl. The lightning-fast cars were a sight to behold (see also: Danica Patrick), but we most admired the abundance of facial hair. At least 50% of the 200,000 spectators sported goatees, and some of ‘em took it to the extreme. Here’s our favorite beards and mustaches from race day.

1. We’d Want This Guy On Our Side In A Bar Fight


2. Sweet Handlebar…


3. …But Not As Sweet As This One


4. ZZ Top Should Induct This Guy As An Honorary Member


5. A Lincoln Tribute? “No, I just hated the mustache.”


6. The Zac Brown Band

2012 CMA Music Festival - Day 1
Credit: WireImage/Getty Images

(Manliest National Anthem ever. ‘Murica.)

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