50 Cent’s Got Love For NASCAR (And Fatherly Advice For Wiz Khalifa)


You probably associate NASCAR more with country music than hip-hop, but 50 Cent spent yesterday at the Daytona 500. (That’s him with winner Jimmie Johnson above. Tough break for Danica Patrick, but she’s still a champion in our book. And by “champion,” we mean “super hot.”) We caught up with Fiddy in Florida to ask about his passion for automobiles, plus his parenting tips for new father Wiz Khalifa.

Have you been a NASCAR fan for awhile, or is this your first race?

It’s my first actual opportunity to attend it. Usually I watch the results and the clips on the news.

What’s the appeal to you?

I’ve got a car fetish. I’ve got all kinds of stuff–Ferrari, Lamborghini, everything. I’d try and drive 200 miles per hour if I didn’t already know I couldn’t control a car at 200. I don’t drive as fast as they’re driving out there on the track.

These guys can teach you!

Now that’s a good idea.

Do you think the overlap between hip-hop fans and NASCAR fans is growing?

I think so. Because hip-hop culture has exploded–it’s so big now that it’s pop-culture. It’s pop music.

Are there any similarities between racers and rappers?

The competitive nature. There’s always a connection with professional athletes. And the actual culture with the battling and aggressive energy–that’s what hip-hop music is about, which you find in the tempo of the music.

Yeah, the racers have enormous beefs with each other.

Well, they’re watching each other. They’re competitive, they work hard at it, so they’re going to watch the best guys in their field and use them to their benefit. You look at someone else that’s good and say, ‘How can I be better?’ You gotta look at the guy who’s the best guy in your field … and it’ll push you. It gives you something to drive you.

Speaking of other guys in your field, Wiz just became a dad. Any advice for what he’s got himself into?

You’ve gotta breathe. Inhale, exhale. ‘Cause your baby will run your life. It’s gonna cry. [Makes crying sound.] WHAT? What’s the matter? You need to use the bathroom? You hungry? ‘No, I just want you to pick me up.’ Or, ‘No, I just want you to look at me.’

That’s their whole communication to you, so you have to be patient enough to figure it out, to understand it. … Also, don’t be afraid to actually hold it–it’s fragile, so you might be afraid.

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