5 Steps For Drinking Alone At A Bar Without Looking Creepy

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Some people think drinking alone at a bar makes you a loser. Well, they’re wrong. If you find yourself flying solo at a pub, there’s no need to feel embarrassed or pretend to check your text messages every five seconds. Drinking alone at a bar can be one of life’s great pleasures. But if you want to succeed at it, you’ve gotta follow these rules…

1. Get There Early

Arrive before the happy hour rush; you must get a seat at the bar. Sitting and drinking alone makes you look cool and mysterious, like Wolverine; leaning against the wall and drinking alone makes you look like a weirdo. (With no friends to watch your seat, you can’t afford to get up to play a game of pool, or, sadly, take a leak.)

2. Choose A Bar With TVs

You’re gonna need something to look at, and you can only study the drink specials and appetizer menu for so long. Without a television, you’ll find yourself accidentally leering at girls… or even worse, straight ahead at the bar’s mirror (and the reflection of that creepy guy drinking alone).

3. Don’t Initiate Conversations

You don’t want to behave like that lonely, overeager new kid in school who goes out of his way to introduce himself to every single person. Instead, just sit back and relax; eventually the bartender will remark on something and you can engage.

4. Befriend the Bartender

Speaking of which, you have to make drink-slingers appreciate your company. It helps to be cool and interesting, but it helps more to be a great tipper. 25% will make the bartender 100% like you. Soon, other bar patrons will follow suit. (After everyone’s had a few too many, you won’t be drinking alone; you’ll have a roomful of new friends.)

5. Never Be Ashamed

A curious lady might ask, “Who are you here with?” There’s no need to claim you’re just “waiting for a friend.” Be proud and say: “I’m drinking alone. Because I want to. Because I can.” She’ll be impressed by your confidence…especially if she’s drinking alone too.

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Aaron Goldfarb (@aarongoldfarb) is the author of “How To Fail: The Self-Hurt Guide.”