Arian Foster’s Playlist For The Perfect Workout

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Houston Texans running back Arian Foster, who went from unsigned free agent to leading the NFL in rushing last season, knows the power of hard work and staying positive. (Like, really, really positive.) He also knows the power of a good jam. ‘Cause when he’s not practicing yoga or eating vegan cuisine–slightly atypical for a pro football player–he’s amping up his workouts with new fitness device Armour39 and music at full blast.

We wanted to pump up our muscles and our music collections, so Arian gave us his favorite tunes…and his reasons for loving ‘em.

1. “Ambitionz Az A Ridah,” Tupac

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“It’s that gritty rawness and emotion that [Tupac] felt and that he stood for and that he embodied. I am not a thug or anything close to that, but I come from the same background so I know what those guys go through. Tupac thought the world was against him, and at some point everyone feels like that. It’s that aggression that makes it real.”

2. “Interlude”/Jay-Z

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“That song encompasses everything that Jay-Z is. He’s a mogul and icon for a lot of people, for young kids and for adults. If you hear his story and see where he has come from, it’s pretty real. That song gets me really motivated to be the best I can be on and off the field. ‘Interlude’ makes me feel like I can accomplish anything I set my mind to.”

3. “Dance Or Die”/Janelle Monae (featuring Saul Willimas)

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“This song calms me down and helps to get me focused. I remember my second start in the NFL, which was my first opening game, it was actually the best game I had as a professional. I had 231 yards against the Indianapolis colts. … I listened to this song over and over again during the pregame warm up.”

4.”Good Morning”/Kanye West

“Every time I listen to Kanye West, not just ‘Good Morning‘ but any Kanye West song, I get reminded of how creative he is as an artist. This song seems to take me away from the moment and makes me understand where he comes from. There are times I need to just get out of the moment I’m in and go to where the music takes me.”

5.”Crazy”/Patsy Cline

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“I love all types of music, but I really like country music. I am a big Patsy Cline fan as well. ‘Crazy‘ is an emotional song for me because it takes me back to when my mother, who has a great voice, used to sing that song every time she sang karaoke. That song brings me back to an emotional place where I like to go.”

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