Helpful Puberty Lessons From TV Sitcoms

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On last night’s “Guy Code” (watch full episode here), you learned everything about puberty that your dad never told you way back when. He got too freaked out to discuss the subject, but fortunately TV gave you some other father figures. Here’s the best puberty talks from “very special episodes” of our favorite sitcoms.

1. John Goodman Explains Masturbation

Everybody does it. Nobody talks about it.

2. Tim Allen On How A Woman Is Like A Carburetor

They call him the “Tool Man” for a reason.

3. Biff From “Back To The Future” Talks Porn Vs. Reality

The bush in ’70s pornography confuses us too.

4. JGL Learns The Birds And The Bees

These days, pretty much every woman on earth wants to be his sex ed teacher.

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Zachary Sims (@zacharysims) is a writer, comedian and fake talk show host.