Rambo Suicide On Tattoos, Nudity & How To Date A SuicideGirl

Credit: Suicide Girls

She might not be a movie star, but this Rambo is a lot sexier than Sylvester Stallone‘s. In addition to being one of the most popular SuicideGirls models (you can see why), she works as SG’s model coordinator, scouring the Internet to discover future SuicideGirls.

We had the pleasure of a Skype session with the stunning and very sweet Rambo, who gave us some valuable tips for dating SuicideGirls–and convinced us to pick up a copy of the new SG book “Hard Girls, Soft Light.

So what makes a SuicideGirl, a SuicideGirl?

First of all, we’re super independent. We have different kinds of quirky interests and talents and I think a lot of us came from situations in high school where we didn’t really fit in and always felt like outcasts. This is a safe haven for all the weirdos out there to come together and celebrate being unique.

What makes you unique?

I’m a really, really sweet girl next door but with an edge. I’m maternal. I love sewing and cooking and my dream is to be a mom and a wife someday. I try to be really positive and make friends wherever I go. I love tattoos, I love going to shows and also getting sh***y wasted.

Where are some good places to meet a SG?

You can meet SuicideGirls anywhere. Coffee shops, book stores, punk rock shows, photography exhibits, a farmers market. We’re pretty much like any other girls. Just because we choose to decorate our bodies doesn’t mean we don’t have a vast array of interests.

Being strong and independent, do SGs prefer to approach or be approached?

I think any girl will say it’s sexy when a man has confidence. Number one to me, if a guy is able to strike up a conversation, that’s sexy… If a guy talks to you in sense of just trying to make friends, it’s more fun and seems to roll better than when a guy comes up and instantly hits on you. I get kind of a creep vibe from that.

Credit: SuicideGirls

Safe to assume pickup lines don’t work?

No, they really don’t, which is why it’s funny when that happens because it’s like, ‘Has this ever worked? Does this usually work for you?’

What would you consider a good date?

I think an awesome date would be going to Venice Beach, taking some skateboards, mobbing some longboards, walking to the water, getting lunch at one of the terribly awful fried fast food places down there, holding hands, maybe getting some cheesy shirts painted with your names on it. You know, something outdoors.

What’s the single most important thing for a guy who wants to date a SG to know? 

Probably to NOT ask us about our tattoos right off the bat. That’s so annoying when he walks up to you and grabs your arm and says, ‘Let me see that–where’d you get it done? My buddy has a tattoo.’ It’s a bad way to begin a conversation and doesn’t ever work…especially if you don’t have any.

Any reservations about dating a guy who doesn’t have ink or piercings?

No. It’s funny, up until my current relationship, every guy I’ve dated had no tattoos or piercings. Always wanted to, just never worked out that way. 

What would you say to a guy who has qualms about his girl posing nude for other dudes to view? 

I’ve definitely experienced that… We know there are people out there ogling us and doing other things with our photos. I just try to reassure [boyfriends] that it’s just on a computer screen. The person cannot reach out and touch me and doesn’t have access to any of my personal information…and won’t me steal away from you. SG is huge on protecting models and keeping our safety and comfort first. And be proud. Look at all this I’ve got going on!

Males and females alike have SG memberships. As far as book sales, do you expect more buyers of one gender?

It’ll probably be split pretty evenly. We try to pick really artistic photos so the book has more content than just T&A. I think it’s appreciated by both genders equally.

What percentage of readers to you think will use the book as masturbation inspiration?

Hmm. My guesstimate is 30%.

That might be a little low. 

Yeah, I might be a little naïve.

Want more SuicideGirls? Check out SG’s book “Hard Girls, Soft Light.”

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