News Flash: Caterpillars Taste Like S*** [Video]

Credit: AFP/Getty Images

When you work for the “Why Would You Eat? Challenge!“, you find yourself asking: “Why would I eat that?” Like, say, while you’re shoving caterpillars into your face.

In America, caterpillars are viewed as a pest–but over in South Africa, they’re a protein-packed snack. Harvested off the mopane tree, drained of their innards and then dried in the sun, it’s kinda like beef jerky, but with 100% less beef and 100% more caterpillar.

YOU:  “What does it taste like?”
ME:  “Like a dead tree. Like eating sand off sand paper. Like eating a dead tree made of sand off sand paper.”

Much more fun than eating caterpillars is playing finger football with them. For a recent “Challenge!” episode, we made Soren Bowie from Cracked battle comedian Jason Horton. They each got five kicks and had to devour the ones they missed. If you are what you eat, they should turn into butterflies any second now…

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Ron Babcock (@RonBabcock) is a standup comedian in LA.