10 Companies That Allow Napping At Work

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If you’re on the job hunt, you’ve gotta consider factors beyond salary when applying to companies, such as work hours and time off… and time off during work hours. While your friends sneak naps in their office closets and toilet stalls, try to land a gig at one of these giant, successful corporations that will actually let you catch some shuteye during the 9:00 to 5:00 in an effort to boost employee productivity, alertness and general health.

1. Google

At its Mountain View, California headquarters, Google has high-tech napping pods that provide “semi-privacy.” (As if Google didn’t know enough about you already, now it knows whether you snore.)

2. Ben & Jerry’s

Coming up with those awesome caramel- and fudge-drenched recipes is mentally taxing. Ben and Jerry’s offers nap rooms to employees for when they need to mellow out.

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3. AOL

They have the same nap pods as Google. We’ll start using our old AOL email addresses again if it means we can get paid to sleep.

4. Zappos

They used to have nap pods–until employees said they preferred couches. Retro!

5. Nike

After you hit the onsite gym, take advantage of the nap room. (Work? Just don’t do it.)

6. Pizza Hut

It’s for the bigwigs at the Pizza Hut corporate office. The delivery guy can’t use napping as an excuse for why your pizza is late.

7. British Airways

One pilot takes a nap while the other takes over. That fact might not help you with your fear of flying, but try to relax because this idea actually came from NASA.

8. Time Warner

They send their employees to a napping spa called Yelo. Normally going to a spa breaks Guy Code, but we’ll make an exception in this case.

9. Newsweek

The print edition recently got canceled. Maybe those employee naps were a bad idea after all?

10. Metronaps

They manufacture Google’s and AOL’s nap pods, so it’s only natural that employees can use the devices themselves. The next best thing to working in a mattress factory.

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Neal Stastny (@NealStas) is a comedian and writer in New York.