Rapper-NBA Player Matchups We Want At All-Star Weekend [GIFS]

2012 NBA All-Star Game
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Every year, we get pumped for NBA All Star Weekend because it always has the same awesome things: slam dunk contests, three-point contests and the skills challenge. Wherever it’s held, that town turns into a huge party all weekend. So of course, rappers show up (they love basketball almost as much as parties).

With all the rappers hanging out, we wish we can see them ball more. That’s why we’re proposing a 2-on-2 tournament where rappers pair up with NBA players. Here’s how we think the ideal tournament would go, with teams hand-picked by us:


LeBron James & Rick Ross Vs. Blake Griffin & The Game

Game 1 Final For Web

While it might not be fun to listen to Lebron James bust a verse, it’s damn entertaining to watch Rick Ross ball. Also, they both have gigantic frickin’ heads, thus the name “Team Big Head.”

As for “Team Clip,” Blake Griffin plays for the Los Angeles Clippers, while in each of his songs, The Game raps about 30-round clips. Though his skills on the court are lacking, he might be able to scare his opponents into losing.

Rajon Rondo & Kanye West Vs. Brook Lopez & Jay-Z

Why “Team Kardashian,” you ask? If you’re reading this, then you have access to the internet, so you know that Kanye West is with Kim Kardashian, and Rajan Rondo punked her ex-husband, Kris Humphries. That means Rondo and Kanye would make a great team, and although we don’t know how good Kanye is, we hear he practices quite a bit.

How can you not put Jay-Z, face of the Brooklyn Nets, and Brook Lopez, player and part-namesake of the Nets, on the same team? And not call it “Team Brooklyn”?

Carmelo Anthony & A$AP Rocky Vs. Kobe Bryant & Kendrick Lamar

Game 3 Final For Web

“Team Ego” is the perfect name for a combo of Carmelo Anthony and A$AP Rocky, two cocky dudes from the cockiest of cities, New York.

On the other hand, “Team Nice” is more about the word you’d use to describe Kobe Bryant’s skills on the court and Kendrick Lamar’s flow on the mic. Apparently, Kendrick’s nice with the outside shot, too.

Steve Nash & Drake Vs. Joakim Noah & 2 Chainz

Game 4 Final For Web

Steve Nash is the jewel of Canadian basketball, and Drake is the jewel of Canadian rap. It doesn’t hurt that there are about five total rappers and ballers in Canada. We’d like to see how Team Canada would compete, especially with Drake boasting that he’s “nice” at basketball. Although, when a Canadian says it, he might actually mean he’s polite.

Meanwhile, there’s “Team Crazy Hair,” the natural name for the pairing of the dreadlocked 2 Chainz, and the half-fro’d Joakim Noah. This duo might be unstoppable: Noah’s quick and a good shot for a big man, and 2 Chainz played one season of Division 1 ball at Alabama State University before becoming a rhyming booty aficionado.

Round 2

Team Big Head Vs. Team Kardashian

Game 5 Final For Web

Team Ego Vs. Team Crazy Hair

Game 6 Final For Web

Final Round

Game 7 Final for web

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