The Many Faces Of Erik Spoelstra, All-Star Head Coach Of The East

Spoelstra 7 by Ezra Shaw

Erik Spoelstra, head coach of the Miami Heat and this year’s Eastern Conference All-Stars, has a lot on his mind. Throughout the season it’s his job to keep 2.5 stars happy on his own team, and now he’s been blessed with a whole team of stars (whose combined income is enough to fund a small nation). What many consider to be a dream job can be ridiculously stressful.

To his credit, Spoelstra handles his business well with a championship ring to show for it. Let’s take a glimpse inside the mind of the luckiest head coach since Phil Jackson was hired for Kobe and Shaq. The following are just some of the many Spoelstra faces that grace the sidelines during Heat games… and what we imagine he’s thinking.

Spoelstra 1 by Doug Benc

Spoelstra 2 by Jared Wickerham

Spoelstra 3 by Doug Pensinger

Spoelstra 4 by Jonathan Daniel

Spoelstra 5 by Marc Serota

Spoelstra 6 by Ezra Shaw

Spoelstra 8 by Doug Benc

Spoelstra 9 by Doug Benc

Spoelstra 10 by Doug Benc

Spoelstra 11 by Mike Ehrmann

Spoelstra 12 by Jonathan Daniel

Spoelstra 13 by Kevin C. Cox

Spoelstra 14 by Rob Carr

Spoelstra 15 by Chris Trotman

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