How’d-He: The Curious Case Of Kate Upton And Justin Verlander


Every now and then, you see a ridiculously hot chick dating a total schlub. It’s like “Beauty and the Beast,” without the happy ending, because you’re not that schlub. On next week’s “Guy Code,” Andrew Schulz goes out on the streets to ask New Yorkers about “How’d-he,” as in “How’d he get with her?”

We bring this up because we were watching the smokin’ hot new video of Kate Upton stripping in Antarctica for Sports Illustrated. That got us thinking (once we were capable of thought again) about the dating rumors that surround Upton and Tigers pitcher Justin Verlander. How’d he pull off every living guy’s fantasy?


Verlander isn’t a hideous troll or anything…and sure, he’s a great pitcher. But c’mon, Kate Upton is arguably the hottest woman on the planet, and she chooses this goofy-lookin’ dude? How’d-he?

They’re super secret about the relationship–Verlander won’t confirm or deny that they’re dating, whereas we’d shout it from the rooftops–so it’s hard to learn from his approach. Maybe she’s just a huge sports fan (which makes sense, considering the magazine for which she models) or maybe she just drinks enough at ballgames to get beer goggles?

How’d he meet her?
How’d he impress her?
How’d he get her?
We need to know!

We’d like to think it’s a testament to the belief that if you work hard enough to be the best, you can get anything you want. So we’ll work a little bit harder ourselves, because we want Kate Upton too. And here’s why…

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