36 Best Fantasy Baseball Names For 2013

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Young outfielders Collin Cowgill (now a Met) and Mike Trout looking to see what we’ll come up with.

Pitchers and catchers have finally reported, which means that fantasy baseball owners must begin brainstorming clever, vile and/or entertaining team names.You know the routine… Out with the old: Winnie the Pujols, Fister Pujols, Oscar Meyer Wieters, Carry On My Heyward Dunn, Grand Theft Votto, The Bourn Supremacy, Yu Mamma’s Uggla, Honey Nut Ichiros, Morneau After Pill, Cano Soup For You, You Don’t Mess With The Johan, Melky Surprise, Huston Street We Have a Problem, Hanrahan Job, It Byrnes When I Peavy, Cuddyer Straits, Fielder of Dreams, Kershawshank Redemption and Latos Intolerant. And in the with the new, after the jump! We curated the best we could find on Twitter and the Web, and added a bunch of our own.

Reverse Cowgill

Zero Dark Theriot

Call Me, Maybin

The Humber Games

Priest Walks Into Aybar

Dempster Babies

The Book of Biogenesis

Bosch Pit

Hide & Cacique

I’m Aoki, You’re Aoki

Nyjer Please

Profar So Good

Texas Rangers v Cleveland Indians
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You D’Arnaud the Father!

Ruggiano Burns

FIP to Be Square

8-ball of Phil Coke

Ogando in 60 Seconds

The Price is Wright

TP For My Buchholz

Sippin on Gin Andrus

Get Your Mota Running

Yu Mad, Bro?

Stop! Hammel Time

Cespedes Gonzalez

Kluber Lang


Cincinnati Reds v Colorado Rockies
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Butt Thole Surfers

Paredes by the Dashboard Light

Angels in the Troutfield

Bryce, Bryce Baby


Seven Headley Sins

Keepin’ It Villarreal

Your Mother’s Father Determines if Ubaldo

Inglorious Bastardos

Huff the Magic Dragon

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