Sneak Peek Video: Regular Moments In Black History

It’s February, aka Black History Month, which means it’s time for everyone to reflect on the heroic and notable accomplishments of African-Americans in this great country of ours. Usually, people think of the same major events when observing this month: Martin Luther King, Jr.’s “I Have A Dream” speech, Jackie Robinson breaking baseball’s color line, Rosa Parks refusing to give up her bus seat and Spike Lee screaming at Reggie Miller during the Knicks-Pacers playoff games.

Guy Code” began thinking about those other moments in Black History that aren’t celebrated. Those “regular” moments. Shouldn’t we remember those as well? After all, the month isn’t called Noteworthy Black History Month. So, some cast-members put together Regular Moments In Black History Month and Damien Lemon stars in the first one below.

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