Nigerian Prostitutes To Give Soccer Fans A Week Of ‘Free Sex’

Credit: Getty Images

Normally guys root for the home team out of pride, but Nigerian men had an extra incentive this year. The Association for Nigerian Prostitutes (which actually exists) offered a week of free sex if the national soccer team won the Africa Cup, which it just did. Finally, a reason to get fired up about soccer!

Sex workers offering freebies as a reward for their sports teams winning is nothing new. During this past NBA season, porn stars Angelina  Castro and Sara Jay offered free oral sex to any of their Twitter followers if the Miami Heat won the title. (And they made good on their offer, although dudes who showed up had to agree to be filmed.)

We don’t know how many Nigerian guys will take advantage of the free sex–the lines might be prohibitively long, and wives are probably on high alert–but it’s quite a moment in sports history. And quite a moment in the history of organized labor.

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Sean Green is a standup comedian and podcast host living in Los Angeles