7 Gadgets Your Girlfriend Should Buy You For Valentine’s Day

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Men don’t merely dread February because we’ve gotta buy our ladies Valentine’s Day gifts; we’ve also gotta tell ‘em what we want. Guys are notoriously hard to shop for; mostly we just want peace and quiet.

But if your girlfriend is demanding a wishlist, and you’re drawing a blank, here’s a list of tech gadgets that’ll make you happy to receive and her happy to give.

1. For The Guy Who Rocks Out

Credit: Monster Headphons

Monster DNA Camo Headphones ($229)
These sound great and look totally badass, plus a portion of every sale goes to veterans’ foundations. Hoo-Rah

2. For The Impatient Photog

Credit: Samsung

Samsung Galaxy Camera ($299)
Sure, you can use your phone to snap a photo of your friends doing stupid s*** at a party, but this camera will make it a killer photo. Plus, the Galaxy Camera connects to the web for instant uploading. It can make any guy feel like a reporter from TMZ.

3. For The Guy Who Lives At The Gym

Credit: Jawbone.com

UP by Jawbone ($129.99)
This fitness wristband looks great and tracks everything from your sleep quality to your meals to your mood. (And if it gets your girlfriend to stop nagging you about a Valentine’s Day present, you’ll definitely be in a good mood.)

4. For The Clumsy Guy

Credit: M-Edge

M-Edge SuperShell($35)
If you’re prone to slips and spills (and generally just bumping into crap), the SuperShell will save your iPad from your lack of coordination–and save your cheap ass many trips to the Apple Store for repairs.

5. For The Guy Who Can’t Miss A Game

Credit: Slingbox.com

Slingbox 350 ($180)
Plug the Slingbox 350 into your home cable box and you can stream TV to your tablet, phone or laptop. Easy setup, no monthly fees. Watch the latest episode of MTV’s “BuckWild” during your Valentine’s Day dinner.

6. For The Guy Who Hates Wires

Credit: SuperTooth

SuperTooth DISCO 2 ($99)
Guys don’t like strings attached, and this includes speakers. The DISCO 2 connects to your phone or tablet via Bluetooth, and pumps out 16 watts of power… more than enough to set a romantic mood, or start a party.

7. For The Guy With Screen Envy

Credit: beabigshowoff.com

Ipico portable iPhone Projector ($130)
Drop your iPhone or iPad into the adapter, install the app and stand back. With the ability to create a 50-inch image on any surface, the special Valentine’s Day slideshow your girlfriend put together will be that much more memorable. Too bad the Super Bowl’s over.

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