How To Get Lucky On Valentine’s Day [Video]

Guy Code” viewers have shown their love, making it the highest rated original series in MTV2 history. (Hell, it’s the #1 cable show in its time slot among teens, and #2 for everyone else.) So the cast is returning the favor, helping you show your love on Valentine’s Day, which Damien Lemon theorizes Hallmark created to “manipulate women’s emotions and men’s wallets.”

In this clip from next week’s episode, April Rose gives you the formula for success (“Nice dinner + nice gift = sex”), former WWE star Barbie Blank makes a special appearance and Melanie Iglesias teaches you how to make her smile. Speaking of which, during the episode she’ll announce the winner of MTV2’s “Win a Date with Melanie Contest.” Are you the lucky dude out of 380 who entered? Tune in to find out.

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