Tiffany Luu Presents 9 Valentine’s Day Gifts To Avoid

Valentine’s Day is a high-risk, high-reward endeavor. Correctly guess your girlfriend’s taste in gifts, and you’re in for some “gifts” of your own. But if you choose poorly, you’ll lose even more points than you would for a crappy Christmas or birthday present, because those celebrations aren’t all about your commitment to each other.

The good news: Tiffany Luu from Guy Code” is here to help you avoid the wrong decision, and maybe (by some miracle) pick the right one. We ran some V-Day classics by her, as well as unorthodox suggestions from gift guides around the web.

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1. Flowers and Chocolates

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Tiffany: “Flowers and chocolates are a given during Valentine’s Day. However, these simple gifts can take a turn for the worse. Nothing screams ‘cheap date’ like a withering bouquet of flowers from your local grocery store and a Hershey bar. Take the time to order a dozen red roses and a box of Godiva. Trust me, boys, it will make all the difference.”

2. Venus Razors (recommended by

Credit: Gillette

Tiffany: “Being hairy for us girls is an embarrassing situation. If my ‘better-half’ purchases me a box of razors, he has broken Guy Code due to the fact that he has just cock-blocked himself into not getting any action for the evening.”

3. Cosmetics

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Tiffany: “Guys! Leave buying cosmetics to us girls. Buying the wrong shade may leave us looking like we just climbed down a chimney, or like if Michael Jackson resurrected from his grave. It’s a sweet gesture but it could end up being a complete catastrophe.”

4. Luxury Satin Bedding Sheet Set (recommended by Wal-Mart)

Photo via Wal-Mart

Tiffany: “Silk sheets + animal print = breaking Guy Code! The simpler the bedspread, the better. We don’t care that your sheets match Nicki Minaj‘s outfit.”

5. Shoes and Jewelry

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Tiffany: “Shoes and jewelry are every girl’s best friend, but getting your girl something she never wears can be extremely hurtful. Ask your chick to give you an idea of what she’s interested in. That way you can say it was a gift you chose from the heart, but still meets all her expectations.”

6. Lust Dust Edible Body Powder (recommended by AskMen)

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Tiffany: “Edible sex condiments are a complete Guy Code violation. I don’t care for my man to taste like maple syrup, a Twinkie or anything else. I don’t see the point unless you’re balling on a budget and need a two-for-one sex toy/dessert special.”

7. Edible Underwear

Photo via The Faster Times

Tiffany: “Not only is edible underwear gross, it’s DANGEROUS. The idea may sound genius, but in the heat of it all you might accidentally chomp away at your partner’s goods. A trip to the ER on Valentine’s Day is not ideal. The last thing you want is for it to become a scene out of ‘The Texas Chainsaw Massacre.’

As for real underwear, I think it’s great for a guy to buy his girl lingerie. Just make sure you know her exact size–you don’t want to offend her.”

8. Bleeding Heart Cupcakes (recommended by Thrillist)

Photo via Thrillest

Tiffany: “It’s one thing to be original, but it’s another to be an absolute weirdo! You don’t want your girl to run off, thinking you’re a serial killer. Save your money and spend it on something that actually looks appetizing.”

9. Buy Nothing

Photo via Adbusters

Recommended by Forbes: “Try not spending a dime. … Instead of planning how to spend $169, how thoughtful can you be planning something that says, ‘I love you?’ And who knows, showing her how financially savvy you are for saving money and building an excellent credit score … may get her motor running. Maybe.”

Tiffany: “I am not sure who wrote that statement in Forbes magazine, but I guarantee you he is either single or not getting any action. If my man didn’t give me anything, he can expect to spend Valentine’s Day alone.”

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