5 Rejected Logos For Florida’s Pro-Business Ad Campaign

Credit: Facebook.com

You know that feeling when you buy something expensive and you’re excited to show it to your friends, however, instead of also getting excited, no one else likes it and they make fun of you? That’s how Florida Governor Rick Scott must be feeling right now after unveiling a $380,000 ad campaign to attract businesses to his state. The idea sounded innocent enough, with the slogan, “The perfect climate for business.”

Get it? The actual climate in Florida is really pleasant. Super witty. But they had to go and make the “I” in Florida look like a necktie. This pissed off the feminists because they feel like it implies that entrepreneurs are only men (and women who dress like men).

Usually we side with men on such issues, but we’re not picking sides here. All we’ll say is that feminists should be glad that Governor Scott (whose head resembles a penis) didn’t go with the other proposed ad campaigns, because they’re much worse:

The True Economic Engine

Spring Break, Anyone?

Don’t Forget Northern Florida

The Commodities Market

Workplace Etiquette’s Important

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Charlie Kasov (@charliekasov) is a comedian and writer based in Brooklyn, New York.