The Jason Statham Ass-Kick Count [Infographic]

Credit: Getty Images

If Jason Statham‘s in a movie, chances are skulls will get crushed. Just try making a bald joke around him; dude will rip the hair off your scalp, and then rip the hair off your chest, and then rip the hair off your balls, and then just rip off your balls. In that spirit, our friends at NextMovie have compiled all of Statham’s ass-kickings into one handy infographic.

Here’s their scientific method:

What constitutes an ‘ass-kicking’? Glad you asked. It ranges from as harmless as “incapacitating a bad guy to question him” to as devastating as “stabbing a bad guy in the neck.” (Stabbings were deemed allowable because Statham is usually doing something cool with his knives, like throwing them or spinning them in his hand for no reason.)

Do guns count? Of course not.

Check out the small version below and click through for the big one…

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