Mansumer Reports: The Blacktop 360 Party Hub Grill-Fryer

Blacktop 360

The Blacktop 360 brands itself as the ultimate tailgating grill (“a next-level man machine … specifically designed for social cooking”) complete with a burner, a griddle and a deep fryer. As avid grillers and sports fans, we were a bit skeptical–it sounded too good to be true for $249.99–but we gave it a shot… and it actually kicked serious ass.

1. Infrared Burner

We don’t understand much about the electromagnetic spectrum, but we do understand that this thing did an awesome job at grilling up marinated chicken. The bird came out moist, fully cooked and delicious. At 24,000 BTUs (enough to make Tim “The Tool Man” Taylor grunt in approval), it’s tough to imagine what kind of meat it can’t handle.

2. Griddle

While the chicken roasted on the grill, we threw some frozen burger patties and bacon strips on the griddle, creating an orgy of meat that any self-respecting carnivore would find irresistible. Watching a beef patty cook in bacon fat is one of life’s greatest joys. (It might not be a long life, but…)

3. Deep Fryer

Fryer Close Up

The bubbling hot oil was music to our ears as we successfully dunked onion rings, chicken wings, fries and MORE BACON into the conveniently placed deep fryer. This is really what separates the Blacktop 360 from the competition, plus it’s perfect for everyone’s favorite tailgating game: “Let’s Throw Random Food Into The Fryer And See How It Tastes.” Candy bars, cauliflower, beef jerky… the fryer opens up another world of greasy goodness, and with it you’ll be the envy of any parking lot.

4. Portability

Sure, the grill is awesome, but is it portable? Yes! The fry grease slides into a catch cup, the top burner is easily hosed down and the whole thing folds into a “durable storage bag, so you can hit the road before the fuzz make the scene.” Sporting events, concerts and even boring weddings: Why not make every occasion a tailgate?

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Sean Green is a standup comedian and podcast host living in Los Angeles