Melanie Iglesias’s #1 Irish Fan Writes Her An Awesome Song

There have been some fantastic entries to MTV2’s “Win A Date With Melanie Contest” from guys (and girls) hoping to impress Melanie Iglesias. But one video made our jaws drop, not just because the dude is a ridiculously talented singer/guitarist, but becauseas a citizen of Ireland–he’s not even eligible to win. He just wanted to share his song, “Melanie,” with the world. And we’re glad he did, ’cause it’s really, really good:

Turns out, he’s a bit of a YouTube phenomenon. His name’s Alan Patterson, but he goes by “The Sidesho,” and his songs have racked up hundreds of thousands of views. He told us all about his career, whether “Guy Code” is popular in Ireland and why Melanie is his muse. He’s definitely our favorite Irish guitarist with a fake name since The Edge. Read the interview and watch more of his (occasionally NSFW) videos after the jump.

How did you get started playing music? When did people start noticing you?

Yeah, it’s a bit mad. I always loved messing around with writing silly songs, and about a year ago I started posting a few of them to YouTube, where there is a HUGE amount of people who share my weird sense of humor, which is pretty cool. Never thought so many people would like my little tunes!

How long did it take you to write that song for Melanie? What do you love about her?

That one took a fair few hours. I’d like to say my favorite thing about Melanie is her gorgeous smile or her great sense of humor, but c’mon, it’s gotta be that body!

Does “Guy Code” have as many fans in Ireland as it does in the U.S.?

Everyone I’ve showed it to has been in stitches laughing… but no, it hasn’t reached its potential over here, I don’t think.

Would the Code be any different for Irish guys than American guys, or was Paul McCartney right about how “people are the same wherever you go”?

Ah, I think Paul had it right. People are people! The only difference I know is the accents.

Can we look forward to you doing another “Guy Code”-inspired song? “#Dontjudgeme: The Album”?

Most definitely, man. “Guy Code” covers enough funny topics for a double-disc album!

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