Burn! UFC Legend Randy Couture Joins Bellator

Credit: Getty Images

UFC Hall of Famer Randy Couture has fought in the UFC exclusively since 2001. Usually, when you are part of Dana White‘s family for that long, you’re guaranteed a lofty spot in the organization. Matt Hughes recently retired and became the Vice President of Athletic Development while Couture’s great rock ‘em sock ‘em rival Chuck Liddell also hung up the gloves and is now the Vice President of Business Development. Neither of them have been with the organization as long as Couture has. So it would make sense for the former champ to take his seat at the round table (or is it shaped like an Octagon?).

Well, Mr. Couture showed his loyalty by inking a deal with Spike TV and his first role will be as a coach in the forthcoming Bellator MMA reality series. Wait, what? We must have read that wrong. Nope. It’s all right here.

It makes sense though because the deal is something that the UFC couldn’t possibly offer. Not only will he be coaching on the reality show, Couture’s multi-year deal will find him taking part in a number of projects for Spike TV. An official announcement that will give further clarity on Couture’s sweet new deal will take place on February 5 in Los Angeles.

The UFC reportedly “politely declined” to comment on Couture’s deal; which probably means White and the Fertitta brothers are politely burning Couture pictures while casting spells on a voodoo doll in the likeness of “The Expendables” actor. Especially since Couture hopped in bed with their most-hated enemy, Spike TV, once the home for UFC’s reality show “The Ultimate Fighter.”


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