15 Outrageous Player-Fan Altercations [Videos]

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A disturbing thing happened on the pitch last week when Chelsea midfielder Eden Hazard kicked the crap out of a ball boy who took a nap on the ball as Hazard stood by him waiting for it. Or, at least, Hazard kicked some crap out of the 17-year-old, whose attempt to drain the clock for hometown Swansea City was a laughable move that SI.com’s Georgia Turner likened to “half-assed flopping” in the Premier League.

No doubt emotions run high at sporting events and occasionally players go Full Artest. Are you not entertained?!?! Elsewhere recently, a Buffalo Sabres referee got a bit too aggressive with winger Nathan Gerbe when he grabbed Gerbe and shoved him against the boards after the winger took a cheap pop from the opposition.

Here’s a rundown of some insane incidents when s*** got real between players and fans.


A member of the Burger King Whoppers serves a fan his fist with some mustard (2009)

Seriously, they’re the BK Whoppers out of the Philippines. The player nearly resists but the urge is just too great.

Canadian football fans come for the game, stay for the fight (2010)

Well, this escalates quickly. The players are aged 18-22 in a Canadian junior minor league.

Bruins rush the stands at MSG (1979)

No, this is not a deleted scene from “Slap Shot.” Watch out for the blades.

Ron Artest in “The Malice in the Palace” (2004)

The mother of all player-fan altercations. Trivia question: Pacers won in a blowout. (Money shot at 2:27)

Shaun Ellis throws huge chunk of snow at Seahawks fan (2008)

Play like a Jet, lose like a Jet.

Vernon Maxwell breaks a heckler’s jaw (1995)

Photo: Turner

And one.

Nyjer Morgan slaps a fan with his glove (2012)

Definite the mildest altercation of the punch but instructive of just how easily these things can escalate.


Frank Francisco chucks a chair into the stands (2004)

Photo: Courant

No big deal…he only broke a woman’s nose with it.

Nick Collins throws his mouthpiece at a Bears fan (2010)

Not exactly a metal chair. One paper reported that the fan had called Collins a racial slur.

Pitcher launches ball into stands during minor league baseball brawl (2008)

Juuuuuuuuust a bit outside.


Tie Domi fights a fan … in the penalty box (2001)

Afterward, referees moved Domi to the double-secret penalty box.

Tortorella cools down a Capitals fan with a water bottle (2009)

Torts actually got himself suspended during a playoffs series.

Nebraska’s Kellen Huston decks a Mizzou fan in the face after a defeat (2003)

Huston knocked a fan out cold. One of the more unusual ways someone has suffered a concussion on a football field.

Randy Myers pops a deranged fan with a forearm (1995)

Photo: thegoodinsports

After serving up a home run ball to pinch-hitter James Mouton, a 27-year-old bond trader ran onto the field toward Myers, a trained martial artist. “His hands started reaching for what I thought was a weapon,” said Myers, who pinned the dude after he knocked him down. “I made sure his hands didn’t go into his waistband and pull out a knife or a gun.”

And in case you missed it, here’s the Chelsea incident.

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