Melanie Iglesias & Donnell Rawlings Reddit IAmA Recap

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Melanie Iglesias and Donnell Rawlings from “Guy Code” chilled with Reddit yesterday, fielding a variety of questions about the show, their careers and, uh, chest hair. The duo dispensed Guy Code wisdom, Donnell dished about his character Ashy Larry from “Chappelle’s Show” and Mel received the inevitable come-ons, but responded with good humor. (Seriously, guys, just enter the “Win a Date with Melanie Contest.”)

Here’s our favorite questions and answers…

What is both of yours biggest tip you can think of that every guy should know?

Don’t fall for half the things that women say and don’t fall for half the things that women do. If you have a hot girlfriend, learn how to fight. –Donnell

Men need to be better liars or not lie at all. Women are awesome because we think about the entire lie and all of its details before we say it. Men think of a lie and don’t try to rationalize it. Tsk, tsk. Lie right or don’t lie at all! Guy Code! -Mel

Melanie: A night out? Or a night were we just cuddle up, eat cheeseburgers and chocolate, tell each other secrets, and watch out favorite childhood movies?

A night in. Going out is fun but staying in is better. Retro video games, junk food, movies, whiskey… that’s the best!

What’s the one topic you wished the show would explore more? Also, Melanie, chest hair, bad or good?

I think we need to explore the “Nice Guys Finish Last” topic. It’s not always true. Also, the only time chest hair is bad if your gf has it. –Mel

Melanie, what’s the Code for digital fandom? How much is too much? When does it become creepy?

It becomes creepy when they start sending me pics of what our babies would look like. They also name every little sexual thing they would do to me if given the chance and sometimes it’s pretty graphic. Imagine I actually met someone who I liked, checked his twitter page and saw all of the lewd things he was writing to me? That would blow it for me! (no pun intended) : ) -Mel

Donnell, was the character of Ashy Larry inspired by someone you knew?

Me and my mother because I was really an ashy ass dude!

Hey Mel, do you still have a thing for guys with glasses?

I do! Whenever I date someone who has bad vision I ask them to chuck the contact lenses for the frames. The right frames for your face can be a very sexy thing.

What’s your favorite type of music?

Music that starts riots. — Donnell

Hope you don’t mind me asking, but Melanie what’s your ethnicity?

Mostly Puerto Rican and Italian. : ) -Mel

Mel, worst pick up line you’ve had used on you?

If I was a watermelon, would you spit or swallow my seed? Sent by anonymous twitter user of course. If that guy asked me that to my face, I’d knock him out.

Do either of you get star struck still? If so, who’s the last person you were star struck by?

Michael Jordan. He plucked a cigar ash on my head and told me to beat it. Stevie Wonder also but I’m not sure if he recognized me. -Donnell

Rosario Dawson! She is the most naturally beautiful and humble person on the planet. We were hanging out for a few minutes and she was completely open about things I wouldn’t expect her to be so honest about. Also, Tina Fey. I couldn’t speak around her. -Mel

How fun is it hanging out with the Guy Code cast?

I have the best job. I get to hang out with comedians all the time and they’re all like big brothers who look after me now. (friend zone face!) -Mel

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