The 5 Guys You Want At A Super Bowl Party

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We already laid down the law on “The 5 Guys You Don’t Want At A Super Bowl Party.” Because there’s no time to explain to amateurs that, yes, the teams can get points for kicking the ball through the square thingy, even though it’s not soccer.

But equally important is whom you should invite for maximum enjoyability. Whiny girls are definitely out. So are frat d-bags who’ll only yell smack in your ear the entire game; you need to be able to watch the NFL’s biggest night in (relative) peace. Here’s who you want at your pad for Super Bowl XLVII…

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1. The Enthusiast

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Decked out in gear and face paint, he might not always understand what’s going on, but he’ll get your party-goers hyped. (Just make sure he’s not too intense about it; you want a wild ‘n’ crazy guy, not an actually wild and crazy guy with major rage issues.)

2. The Intellect

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Unlike the wannabe pro sports commentator whose bulls**t is more obnoxious than edifying, this guy understands the intricacies of football and can rattle off stats as if it’s his regular drink at Starbucks. If you need to run to your fridge to grab a few more beers, he’ll give you the most accurate play-by-play.

3. The Cook

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Chips are great, but homemade buffalo and blue cheese chicken dip is better.

4. The Gambler

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You need someone who’ll get a friendly bet going. It’ll raise the stakes and might just land you an extra $100.

5.The Girl Who Actually Likes Football

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All right, she’s not technically a guy, but might as well be one of ‘em. Instead of yawning or nagging or asking what’s happening every five minutes, she adds to the fun and even cheers at the appropriate times.

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