Donnell Rawlings Stars In First ‘Guy Code’ Sketch As Richard Johnson

Recently, Grantland reminded us it’s the 10th anniversary of “Chappelle’s Show” with their “Battle for the Best ‘Chappelle Show’ Sketch Ever’ bracket. All of our favorite characters came flooding back: Clayton Bigsby, Rick James, Lil Jon, Hardcore Wayne Brady, Ashy Larry… This list goes on.

We’re lucky enough to have one the original cast-members from Comedy Central’s revolutionary sketch show on “Guy Code,” Ashy Larry himself, Donnell Rawlings. And on tonight’s new episode, Rawlings will appear in his very first “Guy Code” sketch, playing Richard Johnson, Professional Dick Pic Photographer. We have a sneak peek of the sketch below, but watch tonight’s show at 11p/10c on MTV2 for the entire video.

+ Donnell and Melanie Iglesias will be doing reddit’s IAMA from 3-4p EST today. Go ask them anything you want!