The Worst Super Bowl Party Fouls (Made By The Pros)

Ray Lewis Super Bowl Party
Patrick Smith/ Getty Images

The Super Bowl is a celebration of everything that makes America awesome–wings, booze, gambling, beer and football–so what could go wrong?

Plenty, if you follow in the footsteps of these NFL players, who committed some of the worst Super Bowl party fouls of all time. Learn from their examples, not the hard way.

1. Don’t Go To Tijuana

Instead of playing for the Oakland Raiders in Super Bowl XXXVII, Barrett Robbins left the team’s San Diego hotel on Friday night and took a cab to Mexico for an epic bender, missing the game. The would-be starting center was so delusional, he thought he was celebrating the Raiders’ Super Bowl victory.

Back in reality, without him the Raiders got blown out by the Tampa Bay Bucs. Worst Super Bowl hangover ever.

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2. Don’t Solicit A Prostitute

The night before Super Bowl XXXIII, Atlanta Falcons free safety Eugene Robinson (who had just received an award for “high moral character”) offered a woman $40 to perform oral sex. Turns out, she was an undercover police officer–and probably a Broncos fan–who arrested him for solicitation at 3:00 a.m. He played poorly in the game, for obvious reasons, and the Falcons lost to Denver 34-19.

In addition to disappointing fans, Eugene disappointed his wife, who was asleep in his hotel room at the time of the arrest. Here’s to you, Mrs. Robinson…

3. Don’t Get Charged With Murder

After a party for Super Bowl XXXIV, Ray Lewis–wearing a garish white suit in a dark alley–got into a fight that left a couple young men dead. He took a plea deal from the prosecutor, and the original murder charges were reduced to obstruction of justice. (Police never found the white suit, which the D.A. said would’ve been covered in blood.)

Despite Lewis winning Super Bowl MVP the next year, Disney gave the “I’m going to Disney Land” line to Trent Dilfer, a historic moment for game-managing quarterbacks.

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