Sneak Peek Video: Ignorant Girls At The Super Bowl Party

Super Bowl Sunday is the biggest couch party of the year. Because of that, people who don’t know anything about football (i.e. your girlfriends) still want to watch the game. It’s tough to tell females they’re not invited to the party. We’re conditioned from adolescence to avoid “sausage parties.” However, if you know that your girl is the type who can’t stop asking questions like, “Why are they kicking the ball?” or can’t help but chatter about non-football related stuff through the whole game, you have to leave her at home.

On Tuesday night’s new “Guy Code” at 11/10c on MTV2, the cast discusses everything guys need to know about Super Bowl parties. In the below sneak peek, they discuss the problems with having ladies there. This is the one sausage fest that you’re allowed to throw. Oh, and you’ll also see new teen cast-member Pete Davidson for the first time this season.

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