Ask Melanie Iglesias & Donnell Rawlings Anything On Reddit

Credit: Picture Group

After Melanie Iglesias became queen of Reddit’s “Gentlemanboners” section, it was inevitable that she’d address her loyal, boner-sporting fans. (Which she did, for a quick “thank you,” in a Guy Code Blog video.) Now redditors will have the opportunity to interact with her directly–along with the always hilarious Donnell Rawlings–in an IAmA session Tuesday, January 29 from 3-4 p.m. EST.

For one hour, you can ask Melanie and Donnell questions about “Guy Code,” “Chappelle’s Show,” those wonderful flip books, Lisa Ramos, or… well… anything. Use your imagination.

To ask your question, head over to Reddit on Tuesday. (But if you want to ask Melanie out, your best shot is MTV2’s “Win a Date with Melanie Contest.”)

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