The 25 Best American Canned Beers

When you think of beer snobs treating a brew like fine wine, commenting on its texture and “flavor notes” (because that sounds fancier than “taste”), you don’t think of them sipping with pseudo-sophistication out of cans. After all, canned beer is the lousy cheap stuff you buy for lame parties, right?

Sure, if you’re prejudiced against aluminum. Plenty of tasty beers come in cans, and you don’t have to be pretentious to enjoy them. There are even some inherent advantages to canned beer, as COED explains in its list of the greatest domestic ones:

Consumers like the portability, and cans can go where glass isn’t allowed. (Hello, pool.) Likewise, breweries took notice that the light-free environment is essentially a “mini-keg,” a perfect place to store hoppy beers. And it also doesn’t hurt that cans are better for packing and shipping.

So here we are, in a world where beer in a can is losing the stigma lingering from pull-tab tins of Old Milwaukee (though I wouldn’t mind having my hands on one of those just for nostalgia) and more and more great beers can be served without a bottle opener.

Just don’t call these great brews suds…

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