A 35-Year-Old Asks: Is It Too Late To Name My Penis?

Photo via Memegenerator

Last week, Guy Code Blog readers sent us your hilarious boner nicknames. We never thought for a second that some of you might not have aliases for your special little dude. Isn’t naming your pecker a universal rite of passage for everybody who has one?

Apparently not, according to Guyspeed editor Chris Illuminati. He’s pushing 40 and wonders if he missed the boat on christening his captain:

“I’ve always called it exactly what it is–a penis. … My mother referred to my diaper-restricted and flaccid package as a ‘peesh’ during my formative years and the name still sends chills down my dong to this day.

Naming a penis this late in life seems sadly similar to those people who change their name one day out of the blue. He’s not Art anymore, he’s Arturo and the ‘r’ should roll off the tongue even though his given name is Arthur and he’s about as Italian as a P’Zone.”

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