A Curious Case Of Man Boobs: German Soldiers Forming Left Breasts

Photo: Sean Gallup/Getty Images

A recent medical study has revealed that a large number of soliders in Germany’s elite drill unit (Wachbataillon) have begun to grow breasts. Not a pair of boobs, but a single breast on the left side.

The condition is called gynecomastia (aka “man boobs” or “moobs”), which researchers have speculated is the result of the “mechanical impact of the carbine against the left side of the body during rifle drills,” a collision that stimulates hormones that produce breast tissue.

Tough break for those soldiers who wear double-breasted coats but didn’t sign up for the side effects. Gynecomastia occurs in a fairly high number of guys and it’s a treatable condition, so take it up with your doctor if you’ve developed one or two moob(s).

Having said all that… is the “scientific explanation” for the German soldiers’ enlarged left-side breasts just a cover for a powerful device, something we’ve all seen before…?

Photo: Tumblr

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