Andrew McCutchen Talks ‘MLB13: The Show’ [Interview]

Even as the temperature continues to dip outside, baseball fans across the country continue to count the weeks until the opening of spring training. Not to fear, Sony PlayStation just announced the latest version of their highly acclaimed baseball video game “MLB 13:The Show.” Along with the announcement came news of this year’s cover athlete, Pittsburgh Pirates center fielder Andrew McCutchen. “Cutch” finsihed 2012 with 31 Homers, 96RBIs and 20 stolen bags. He also happened to win the Gold Glove and Silver Slugger Award. Not too shabby.

Guy Code Blog sat with Cutch last week in New York to discuss his ideas on video game etiquette, and what it means to grace the cover of “MLB 13: The Show.”

What rules of etiquette do you follow when playing “MLB 13:The Show”?

I only have a few, but you need to follow them if you want to play with me:

1) Always make sure your controllers are clean. I don’t want to play after someone just ate Cheetos.

2) Make sure you play on the same level as your opponent. No need to show off, it makes you not want to play with them again.

3) No betting money or swearing while playing- My home is a sanctuary and I don’t need to hear the F-bomb dropping. You swear you are out.

4) No “pop-ins.” Its rude and it might become awkward if I am playing someone at that time. Call me if you want to get your game on.

5) Don’t hold back. Throw out the fast balls, make the big plays and come ready for battle.

What games, other than “MLB 13: The Show,” do you like to play?
Without a doubt it’s “Call of Duty.” In the off-season, when I don’t have anything going on the next day I will play all night.

Is there anyone else you who you like to play on a regular basis that can keep up with your skills?
Yeah, I like to play my teammates James McDonald and Pedro Alvarez. They are two big guys who hate to lose. You beat them bad and you can lose a friendship for a day or two.

What do you like in this version that is better than the previous version?
I like the beginner mode a lot. It makes it so a five-year-old can jump in and enjoy the game. People don’t have time to start learning a new game from scratch so this is a good feature.

Do you ever find yourself playing as someone else either on your team or a rival team?
I like to play as some of my teammates to see how realistic their antics are. I also use it as a tool to see how other players from rival teams act during key plays. Again, the realism is pretty intense.

If you had a chance to play against another celebrity who would you play against?
Ahh man, I have to say Lil Wayne. I know he is a big gamer as well as a huge sports fan. I think it would be cool to interact with him on that level.

Sony PlayStation’s “MLB 13:The Show'”drops in stores for PS3 and Vita on March 5.

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Craig Goldstein(@techmywifeplz) is a fan of “Cutch”, but his loyalty is to the S.F. Giants.