Snake Wine: The Safe, Classy Way To Drink Venom

Credit: Getty Images

Think you’re tough because you guzzle Johnnie Walker straight from the bottle? Try snake wine, a medicinal elixir from Asia–used for hundreds of years to cure headaches, nearsightedness, baldness and a lack of boners–that’s pretty self-explanatory: Wine with a snake in it. (Don’t worry, the ethanol makes the venom harmless. Probably.)

According to the “Why Would You Eat That? Challenge!,” it tastes like the devil’s farts. On a typical episode, the hosts feed weird foods to prominent YouTubers. For example, the Nerdterns from The Nerdist, who are forced to play a round of Snake Wine Flip Cup.

To buy snake wine, search around Chinatown or Craigslist. (We bought a bottle from a guy in a trailer park with one ear. Seriously.) Want to make it? Just put a dead snake in rice wine. Now let it sit around for a few weeks. Congratulations, you’re a vintner.

In the meantime, while your snake ferments, enjoy this video of nerds drinking it:

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Ron Babock (@ronbabcock) is a standup comedian living in Los Angeles.