Funny GIFs From Last Night’s New ‘Guy Code’

Last night “Guy Code” (watch full episode here) put a name to a reaction that we’ve all done in at some point in our lives, “Friend Zone Face,” and it’s taken off online. But that was only a small part of last night’s episode. The cast unraveled the mysteries of losing your virginity (“You put the P in the V. That’s when you become a G.” – Damien Lemon), birthdays (“If you have to throw your own party, make sure it’s an extravaganza.” – Donnell Rawlings), being sick  (“I don’t mind hooking up with a guy if he’s sick and it’s not contagious.” – Lisa Ramos) and knowing the code to all things gay (Guy Code is all about being proud of who your are.)

As a quick recap, we offer some of our favorite moments in GIFs.

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