36 Best Fantasy Hockey Team Names For 2013

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Better late than never. We had assumed the season was a goner and our fantasy league on hiatus, but here we are, about one week into an abbreviated season. Hard feelings aside (notwithstanding your reaction to the Los Angeles Kings Ice Crew photo above), we’re excited the game is back on.

That goes for fantasy hockey too, which means it’s time for some funny new team names. So out with the old: “Don’t Cry for Me Jan Hrdina,” “Harder Better Faster Pronger,” “Vanek At The Disco!,” “Jagr Bombs,” “Battlestar Battaglia,” “Malkin In The Middle,” “Don’t Toews Me, Bro,” “Wu Tanguay Clan” and “The Peter North Stars.” And in with the new, after the jump.

1. No Country for Old Beauchemin

2. Never Go Full Kopitard

3. HuberDOH!!!!!!

4. Fresh Prince of Brière

5. The Perfect Strome

6. Jesus Marian Hossa

7. Why The Luongo Face

8. Weekend at Bernier’s

9. Rhymes With Regina

10. Everyday I’m Scheifele

11. Teach Me How to Dougie Hamilton

12. My Baertschi Wife

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13. Seed of Kovalchukie

14. License to Ilya

15. Atkinson Diet

16. Bust a Kapanen

17. Bieksa and I Know It

18. Rebel Yelle

19. Pass the Couturier

20. She Slobbered My Nabokov

21. Straight Outta Conklin

22. Koekkoek For Cocoa Puffs

23. Callahan Auto Parts

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24. Chara’s in Charge

25. Double Pennertration

26. Don’t Fehr the Reaper

27. Bros Before Hossas

28. Hejda’s Gonna Hate

29. We’ve Got a Brunner

30. Pimpin’ Ain’t Parise

31. Zidlicky My Balls

32. Shipping and Yandle-ing

33. Average Jovanoski

34. Eberle Hills Cop

35. 100% chance of Fleury

36. Karlssons of Anarchy

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