The 5 Funniest Gay Characters In Television History

Credit: NBC

With hit series like “Modern Family” and “The New Normal,” gay TV characters are more popular than ever. Since the “Guy Code” cast is talkin’ about gay dudes on tonight’s episode, we’re taking a look back at some of our favorite gay characters from various series. The ones not on “Will & Grace” or “Glee” anyway. (Or animated ones like Ace and Gary above, although they did come to life once, thanks to Jon Hamm and Jimmy Fallon.)

1. Terry (“Reno 911!”)

Credit: Comedy Central

For seven seasons, Nick Swardson played Terry, a lovable, rollerblading moron of a criminal. Whether he was selling meth, stealing a police helicopter or giving two-dollar handjobs behind the dumpster of a taco restaurant, he was always a highlight of an often overlooked series.

2. Lt. Jim Dangle (“Reno 911!”)

Credit: Comedy Central

While on the topic of “Reno 911!” we’d be remiss not to mention the police department’s fearless leader. Played by the brilliant Thomas Lennon, Lt. Dangle wasn’t always open about his sexuality–despite constantly harassing male coworkers and wearing those custom booty shorts–but as the series progressed, he came out of the closet. (Actually, he shot the lock off and burst through the closet door.) Although the show’s sadly off the air, it lives on through the Dangle costume, a staple of every Halloween party.

3. Stefon (“Saturday Night Live”)

Credit: NBC

Weekend Update’s New York City correspondent, Stefon is a club-hopping lunatic obsessed with debaucherous nightlife and getting Seth Meyers to kiss him. The skits are always hilarious; in fact, we can’t remember even one where Bill Hader didn’t break character and crack up, but who can blame him? Green-light a movie pronto, Lorne.

4. Tobias Funke (“Arrested Development”)

Credit: 20th Century Fox

Though he was married with a daughter, make no mistake about it: David Cross‘s character was NOT straight. His sexuality was one of the show’s greatest running jokes. He even wrote a self-help booked titled “The Man Inside Me.Although he never outright admitted that he’s gay, he did make out with Bluth family lawyer, the equally sexually-confused Barry Zuckercorn, during the final episode of the original run.

5. Oscar Martinez (“The Office”)

While Oscar initially hid his sexual preference from his Dunder Mifflin coworkers, he came out during the show’s second season. As one of the few level-headed employees in the office, Oscar often points out other characters’ stupidity. At least in the comedic sense, he’s the straight man.

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