Today’s Badass: Man Pulls Over Cop For Driving Drunk

Credit: Universal Studios 

You read that headline correctly. A law enforcement officer in South Africa, who allegedly couldn’t enforce his own blood alcohol content, sped recklessly into oncoming traffic. That’s when self-employed vigilante good Samaritan hero Russell George, “concerned about the safety of other road users,” pulled the policeman over and took his keys.

Not only that, George “locked him in the back of his own van,” which is surely the most ironic citizen’s arrest in history. Own-age!

When sober officers arrived, they were super embarrassed on their colleague’s behalf. See, it was his birthday, and he’d been celebrating, and he allegedly held his girlfriend at gunpoint (Facebook status: “It’s complicated”), and then he fled in a department vehicle. A witness told reporters, “When he was put into the back [of the van], he started crying.”

Tears of justice.

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