Best Auction Ever: Woman Accidentally Posts Nude Photo On Ebay

Photo via Gawker

If you list an item for sale on eBay, you should take a few extra steps to help it get noticed: Price the starting bid competitively, pay the shipping yourself, write a thorough description and remove your pants and underwear.

At least, that’s the brilliant marketing strategy 21-year-old British waitress Aimi Jones unintentionally implemented when selling her yellow dress. She didn’t realize that her closet mirror had revealed her preference to go commando (and her preference for waxing) to the whole Internet. Thanks to the viral attention on Twitter, the auction price went from $25 to $240,000, although the lucky winner apparently didn’t honor the bid.

“It’s so embarrassing,” Jones told The Sun. “I’ve had messages from Australia and the US saying nice things but there are some nutters. … My boyfriend Andy thinks the whole thing is hilarious.”

To her infinite credit, she has a sense of humor about the eBay fail, uploading a new photo and adding the disclaimer: “A MUST HAVE! As seen by thousands. Never worn naked.”

Too bad… those “nutters” would’ve paid more for it if she had.

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Marty Beckerman (@martybeckerman) is the Associate Editor of Guy Code Blog