50 Cent’s Guide To Throwing A House Party [Interview]

Credit: MTV

On the most recent episode of “Guy Code,” the crew laid down the law on house parties: Invite every female you know, hide your valuables and keep it going until either the sun rises or the cops arrive.

For a few extra tips, we sat down with 50 Cent, a guy known to throw a party or two. If you want your bash to be a massive success, not a humiliating bust, heed Fiddy’s advice, which is just as applicable to a dorm room as it is to his 55,000-square-foot mansion.

1. Every Party Needs A Theme

“Always pick a theme. So, in the dead of winter I would throw a beach party. Imagine 1,500 people dressed in their bathing suits, jammin’ inside while there’s snow on the ground outside. A good theme takes time to come up with, but will be rewarding down the line.”

2. Leave The Guest List To The Experts

“You have to reach out to people that know how to get the right kind of people to show up. You have to start to build the population and make the party look good even before the invited guests start to arrive. There has to be a good ratio of ladies to men: More ladies than men.”

3. Music Is Always The Heart Of The Party

“If you play the right music you can make a room that isn’t cool, cool. You get people to come to a rundown loft somewhere and suddenly nobody gives a damn where they are, ’cause they’re all feeling the music, not the room.”

4. Put Out Snacks, Not A Feast

“Something basic needs to be served. Give me finger food, something that can be eaten fast. Don’t give me steak at your house party. You’re really not supposed to be eating at this time of the day anyway. If this is a good-looking environment, these people should be training and not looking for a full meal in the middle of the night.”

5. Don’t Get Wasted At Your Own Party

“If you see me with a bottle in my hand, it is usually a bottle that was finished already. I have someone fill it up with ginger ale and drink that during the night. The host should always have his wits about him.”

6. If You’re A Guest, Treat The Host’s Place Like Your Own

“This is one of the most important rules to follow. I hate it when someone comes to my house and thinks because I am a celebrity that I won’t mind if they trash the place. Come on, man, it’s all about respect. You wouldn’t want me to trash your home, would you?”

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Craig Goldstein (@techmywifeplz) wishes he were invited to a party without a cheese plate