The 10 Biggest Plus Sides Of Being Fat


There are plenty of downsides to being fat: Elevated blood pressure, higher risk of diabetes and heart disease, easily getting winded, excessive sweating, uncomfortable (and possibly more expensive) travel and the judgment of society, even if you lose the weight. But what about the positive aspects of unabashed calorie munching?

Fortunately for big fellas, recent research indicates that a little fat might actually help you live longer. (Granted, you shouldn’t scarf down bag after bag of potato chips for longevity’s sake.) On tonight’s “Guy Code” season premiere, the crew will flesh out fatness, which isn’t all bad. After the jump we’ll break down the plus sides of being plus-sized.

1. You don’t waste time or money at the gym

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When everyone else makes a New Year’s resolution to hit the treadmill for $100/month, just shove that cash into your beer fund.

2. You ride shotgun every time

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The front seat is yours, no questions asked, making a more comfortable ride for everyone.

3. Eat whatever you want

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We know where we’re going for lunch. And dinner. And maybe breakfast?

4. Eat whenever you want

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Fourth meal? Why not sixth?

5. You can wear hilarious apparel

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There aren’t many clothing lines dedicated to big guys. So throw on the Zumba pants, muumuu and fat pride t-shirts.

6. Stay warm throughout winter

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Also, save money on electricity. Body heat is free.

7. Be your own bodyguard

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A large stature makes you appear tougher and more threatening. No one will mug you, except possibly the Hamburglar.

8. Big guys are more huggable

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You know who loves hugging big guys? Women. Women like Melanie Iglesias.

9. Fat guy in a little coat

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A ripped jacket is a small price to pay for this Farley-inspired entertainment.

10. If there’s only one _____ remaining at the table, people offer it to you

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Last donut? Yours. Craving the final buffalo wing? You’re damn right.

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