The 10 Best House Party Scenes In Film History

Credit: Johannes Simon/Getty Images

Mutant biker gangs, adrenaline injections, animals under the influence and rock stars jumping off roofs… you won’t see this kinda stuff at (most) house parties in real life, which is why we turn to movies. After all, a fiesta worth filming can’t be just a bunch of well-behaved people nursing their awful cranberry juice cocktails and maybe playing Jenga. It’s gotta be ridiculous, over-the-top madness. Here are 10 of the best cinematic parties ever, all of which we wish we could magically attend.

1. House Party

If Martin Lawrence DJs your party, you’re gonna have a good time.

2. Teen Wolf

What’s more believable: That a teenager can become a werewolf, or that the girl is OK playing this game? (The guy doesn’t even go for the Jell-O!)

3. Bachelor Party

What are the odds that Oscar-winner Tom Hanks will star in another movie where a mule does narcotics?

4. Old School

All guys look forward to the day when they can unleash their inner Frank the Tank.

5. Revenge Of The Nerds

Who says cool, even slightly attractive guests are necessary for a great party?

6. Road Trip

It’s always touching when the skinny dork impresses the whole party by letting loose.

7. Weird Science

If only we all had a gorgeous superhuman girlfriend who’d conjure biker gangs to our party so we could beat them up and look tough for everyone else… man, the ’80s were strange.

8. Almost Famous

Since this is a semi-autobiographical movie about director Cameron Crowe‘s time writing for Rolling Stone, we’ll choose to believe this scene is one of ‘em that actually happened.

9. Get Him To The Greek

During a mild heart attack, doctors recommend touching a furry wall. For a severe heart attack, doctors recommend having Russell Brand stab you with an “adrenaline needle.”

10. Animal House

This list wouldn’t be complete without the most famous toga party in history. It was such a blast, the fictional band Otis Day and the Knights even started touring as a real group.

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